#22 HYH with IFBB figure pro Wendy Fortino

Episode #22 of “Handle Your High with Tadayoshi.” In this episode I speak with IFBB figure pro Wendy Fortino. We discuss her biggest challenge this last year, mindset and coaching! Listen, watch and subscribe on iTunes, PodBean, Spotify or my youtube channel “HYH with Tadayoshi”!


HYH #22 Wendy Fortino

  • Being Old
  • young and old
  • numerology
  • Law of Attraction
  • Telling your own narrative 
  • coaching mindset
  • Posing and makeup
  • California living
  • Arnold Classic
  • Pressure today and performing
  • Social Media
  • thick skin and being sensitive
  • Haters (dealing with negativity)
  • Being a twin
  • momentum in life
  • Trying or commit to it
  • You work not the program
  • Stanford Days
  • Behavior change
  • Transformation challenges
  • the journey
  • Faith in yourself
  • last year’s struggle
  • The other hole in her head
  • Self image
  • North Dakota experience
  • auto immune issue
  • Lessons learned
  • Humbling learning
  • Mindfulness
  • Next generation in figure


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