#17 HYH IFBB Pro Brandon Curry

Episode #17 of “Handle Your High with Tadayoshi”, I chat with IFBB Pro Brandon Curry! Please listen or watch and subscribe on iTunes, PodBean or my youtube channel “HYH with Tadayoshi”! Brandon and I had an awesome conversation! We chatted about:


HYH #17 Brandon Curry

  • Kuwait
  • focus and business of bodybuilding
  • Arnold 
  • Challenges 
  • What he misses
  • sports 
  • gymnastics
  • bodybuilding path (self-discovery)
  • man of faith
  • Olympia reflections
  • purpose and destiny
  • met wife in a dream
  • Personal earthquake 
  • first date experience 
  • why he is here
  • His coach in Kuait (Abdulla)
  • we don’t do life alone
  • inspiration
  • awkward fan experience 
  • Being a father
  • raising children
  • home school
  • Tennessee
  • Hawaii
  • Arnold Classic



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