HYH#53 Releasing Traumas and Inner Healing w/ Johanna Bassols

In this episode I talk with Johanna Bassols, founder of Healers of Light. Johanna Bassols has written several books on releasing traumas trapped in the body, developing a deeper inner connection through mindfulness, diet and exercise. We had a wonderfully enlightening conversation really worth a listen if you want to learn and help uncover a more healthy and powerful you!


  • From Peru
  • Healers of Light
  • Energy healer
  • traumas trapped in the body
  • Releasing traumas
  • connecting mind and heart
  • Traumas create internal questions
  • focus inward to heal
  • Energy release for healing trauma
  • Getting into peak states (high awareness)
  • mind body connection
  • posture and the body 
  • Pressure points to release trauma 
  • Subconscious Reprogramming 
  • anxiety and worry
  • Other ways to connect inspire of social distancing
  • Finding deeper connection
  • Mind heart connection (coherence)
  • Presence
  • choosing your thoughts
  • rewards of developing our internal connection
  • “The Power of Elevating Conciseness”
  • www.healersofthelight.com @healersofthelight


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