HYH #64 Derek Lundsford

HYH episode #64 Derek Lundsford. Even though our conversation got cut a little short due to technical difficulties, we had a very nice hour or so! Charge your phone next time Derek! LOL Here are some of the topics we discussed.


  • 2020 Olympia experience reflections
  • The business of bodybuilding during COVID
  • 2021 predictions and what’s special for this new year
  • Opinions and what’s next
  • Golf
  • Getting better each day
  • Wanting and desire
  • What is next for Derek in BB
  • Derek’s beginnings
  • Belief!
  • Big Ramy…
  • Faith and bodybuilding
  • Purpose 
  • Relationships
  • Living a Happy Blessed Life
  • We make life harder


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