HYH #58 Brian Levenson “Brain Performance”

HYH #58 with Brian Levenson. Brian and I talk about brain states and what we need to do to put our mind to work for us as we train and try to achieve! This was a fascinating conversation! 


  • HYH #58 Brian Levenson (High performance mindset)
  • Sport psychology
  • Book “Shift your Mind”
  • “Preparation mind” into “performance mind”
  • Humility gets in the way
  • Arrogance
  • How preparation mind gets in the way of performance
  • Fear and failure
  • selfish and selflessness
  • and/or increasing decisions
  • curiosity and conviction 
  • Mindset attributes of the elite achievers
  • Mission (why do you do what you do)
  • Faith and action
  • Greatness
  • Parenting and selflessness and selfishness
  • Clarity and clutter
  • Motivation (internal and external)
  • Michael Jordan
  • Racism 
  • @brianlevenson


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