#8 HYH with Christian Duque

#8 episode of my podcast: HYH with Tadayoshi, I chat with Christian Duque from Strength Addicts! Listen  and subscribe on my youtube channel HYH with Tadayoshi or on iTunes or Podbean! Christian and I talk about:

Christian Duque

  • Writing in the BB industry
  • Dave Palumbo and RxMuscle
  • Covering the bodybuilding world
  • Judging and contributing
  • Our history in BB
  • Media in fitness
  • News and fake news
  • Bernie Sanders
  • Was Hilarie suppose to be President
  • Trump and standing against or for
  • “The Wall”
  • Politics and right vs wrong
  • Impeachment?
  • Bernie Sanders what happened
  • Old world politics vs something new
  • Defining what we support, is it right?
  • Immigration
  • Japanese internment
  • Moving toward what you want and not avoiding what you don’t want
  • Phil Heath
  • Internet “Trolls”
  • show commentators
  • Kai Greene
  • Digital Muscle, Dan Solomon
  • Mr Olympia, Brandon Curry
  • Drugs in BB
  • Social media and BB
  • OCD
  • Brain Plasticity
  • Mastery in life
  • Meditation


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