#5 HYH with Tadayoshi and Jon De La Rosa

In this episode I talk with IFBB Professional bodybuilder Jon De La Rosa! I always love talking to another great loving and genuine spirit. 

HYH Episode #5

Jon De La Rosa

  • DR Bodybuilding shows
  • Challenges in DR (promoting the show)
  • Dubai 
  • Politics foreign cultures
  • Florida move
  • Divorce and life changes
  • Business opportunity out of struggle
  • What do we really need?
  • How to move on?
  • Life inventory
  • Competitive plans for 2019?
  • New Year
  • Dogs
  • Peru and Aywaska, Dorian Yates
  • DMT 
  • Cannabis and addiction
  • FL and weed laws
  • Kratom
  • Pharma and not for profit

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