#48 HYH with Neil Hill

Episode #48 of “Handle Your High with Tadayoshi.” In this episode I chat with Neil Hill! Neil is a class act and it is always fun to talk shop with a fellow colleague in the industry who always has something well thought out to say! thanks again Neil we have looked forward to doing this for some time! Here are some of the topics we touched on:


HYH #48 Neil Hill

  • Flex Lewis (dialogue on going open)
  • Jon DelaRosa (the improvement)
  • Hardest thing to learn or overcome in your career so far?
  • family
  • Willlam Boca time 
  • social media and athletes
  • New Projects
  • Y3T educational platform coming up soon (Feb)
  • Success what does it mean?
  • Ramy and stepping away
  • Balance
  • Dyslexia
  • First cycle
  • Inspiration
  • Pro card and AM career
  • Drugs and training (emphasis)
  • Refined muscle and drug’ed muscles
  • Who are we most excited seeing gthis next year
  • Olympia excitement and predictions


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