#44 HYH with Chase Savoie

Episode #44 of “Handle Your High with Tadayoshi.” In this episode I speak with IFBB Pro Chase Savoie! We had a wonderful conversation about his up coming year and improvements, aspirations of becoming a firefighter and relationship lessons. 


HYH #44 Chase Savoie

  • Hurricane and tornados
  • Blue space
  • competing and off time
  • 2018 Olympia and Arnold 2019
  • Family first and obstacles
  • Working on the back
  • Using time off
  • Mind muscle connection
  • Being Mr Olympia
  • Mindset importance
  • Balance and coping
  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • Foodie
  • Classic class conversion?
  • online coaching
  • Louisiana living
  • GAT sponsored
  • Youtube and content creation
  • Business of bodybuilding
  • Gary Vee and advice
  • Nice guy’s finish last?
  • Relationship lessons
  • Judging
  • Focus
  • Goal setting and process
  • Fire department


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