#3 HYH with Tadayoshi and DMT Mike

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Episode #2 Handle Your High with Tadayoshi!  In this episode I talk with DMT Mike! We talk about:

HYH Episode #3

DMT Mike

  • Mike’s name
  • Out of body experiences
  • what was Mike’s experience with DMT
  • Meditation
  • Cannabis and meditation
  • animals and connections
  • Religion and the DMT exerience
  • Life’s reset (the brain and psychedelic)
  • How to get to what you want 
  • Avoiding what you don’t want
  • DMT and using a shaman
  • Spiritual aspects of of weed
  • Growing in CA
  • Political leaders and weed and DMT use
  • Laws and legislature
  • Guns and protection
  • Self protection
  • Technology and social media
  • Young generation and texting
  • Social bullying
  • Encouraging compassion instead of anti-bullying
  • Living in the moment
  • Our sense of time and DMT and being in your now
  • Making our days and moments count
  • Joe Rogan’s podcast
  • Dorian Yates, weed and DMT
  • DMT and safety 

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