#16 HYH w/IFBB Pro Justin Compton

Episode #16 of “Handle Your High with Tadayoshi”, I chat with IFBB Pro Justin Compton! Tune in and subscribe on my youtube channel “HYH with Tadayoshi” or on iTunes or Podbean! Justin and I talk about:

HYH #17 Justin Compton

  • Bodybuilding retire? or no?
  • Rumors and injuries
  • colon repair
  • new businesses 
  • coaching
  • muscle pulls
  • strength athletes
  • Excuses
  • skin care
  • competitors
  • tanning
  • Golf
  • Mastering any sport
  • why bodybuilding
  • public speaking fears
  • self esteem
  • businesses
  • restaurant businesss
  • stocks and strategies
  • Balance
  • mastery
  • Other interests
  • Olympia reviews his stories
  • stress of competition
  • cannabis
  • CBD
  • anxiety
  • Discount codes and supplements
  • fat burners and pre workout



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