#14 HYH w/ Dave Palumbo

Episode #14 of “Handle Your High with Tadayoshi”, I chat with Dave Palumbo! Tune in and subscribe on my youtube channel “HYH with Tadayoshi” or on iTunes or Podbean! Dave and I talk about:


HYH #14 Dave Palumbo

  • Weather
  • Kids
  • Life now
  • reptiles
  • Animals
  • Rx Muscle
  • Steve Beckman
  • Industry 
  • memory
  • Florida living
  • being a father 
  • Thor LOL
  • Aaron Singerman
  • testosterone levels
  • shoulder replacement
  • HRT and genetics
  • HMG 
  • Getting pregnant
  • NY living
  • FL living 
  • Phil Heath future?
  • Ramy?
  • Kai Greene
  • Roelly?
  • Brandon Curry
  • Shawn Rhoden
  • Mindset
  • what is next
  • Funny stories coaching



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