#13 IFBB Legend Shawn Ray

#13 episode of my podcast: “Handle Your High with Tadayoshi”, I chat with IFBB Legend Shawn Ray! Tune in and listen and subscribe on my youtube channel HYH with Tadayoshi or on iTunes or Podbean! Shawn and I talk about:


HYH #13 Shawn Ray

  • LA Fit Expo
  • Shawnray.tv
  • Arnold Classic predictions
  • Drug testing in 1990
  • Cheating drugs??
  • Ethics of cheating in sports
  • Vision of bodybuilding greatness
  • WBF and IFBB in the 90’s
  • Early career overview
  • Posing
  • Motivation today
  • Attitude of success and winning
  • Lambo days!
  • Shawn Rhodan
  • future of bodybuilding
  • Kai Greene?
  • Big Ramy
  • Roelly W. ???
  • Brandon Curry!!
  • Cedric McMillen
  • Future for Shawn
  • Ronnie Coleman
  • sense of self
  • Mike Tyson



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