#12 HYH with NLP Practitioner, Dickens Fenelon

#12 episode of my podcast: “Handle Your High with Tadayoshi”, I chat with Dickens Fenelon, NLP practitioner. Tune in and listen and subscribe on my youtube channel HYH with Tadayoshi or on iTunes or Podbean! Dickens and I talk about:


HYH #12 Dickens Fenelon (Peak Performance)

  • NLP (Neral Linguistic Programming)
  • Hypnosys
  • Emotions and the unconscious mind
  • Stress and its benefits
  • Self talk
  • Manifesting reality through beliefs 
  • Communication (verbal vs non-verbal)
  • Selling and tactics
  • Dating tactics and asking someone out
  • Couples communication
  • Our relationship baggage 
  • Feeling and Being
  • mice and men
  • Mindset and success and failure
  • Unconscious mind and the conscious mind
  • Dr Joe Dispenza (self healing)
  • Anchor emotions to the physical
  • Collapse Anchor
  • Perception is projection
  • Always focus on the good stuff
  • Criticsm vs constructive criticism
  • Brain plasticity
  • @Dickensfenelon (IG) 
  • Respect for other people’s model of the world



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