#10 HYH with 7x Mr Olympia Champion, Phil Heath

#10 episode of my podcast: Handle Your High with Tadayoshi, I chat with IFBB 7x Mr Olympia Phil Heath! Tune in and listen and subscribe on my youtube channel HYH with Tadayoshi or on iTunes or Podbean! Arash and I talk about:


HYH #10 Phil Heath

  • What do you want your legacy to be in bodybuilding?
  • What is the next big adventure?
  • What did you learn that was unexpected or that you value from your career in bb?
  • Tell me your story on the abdominal distention. 
  • What is your plan for the Olympia? 
  • What is one thing that you love about yourself but probably nobody really knows about you?
  • How do you go about focusing yourself on a goal or an objective? 
  • How important do you think mindset and attitude are in winning in bb?
  • Plans for the Olympia
  • Warrior spirit
  • Kia Greene rivalry
  • social media 
  • Mindset
  • Why do I do this
  • Phil’s 3 things once he started making a pay check
  • Endorsements and the history
  • Movie career
  • Greatness mindset
  • basketball
  • Emotionally intelligence 
  • The “wow factor” in the Olympia champions
  • The struggle is real
  • Athlete’s reps?
  • Missed opportunity with Hollywood
  • Autism awareness “Big Bang Piano Bar” in Columbus Arnold
  • Film role??
  • Generation Iron future work


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