#1 Dr. Asao Inoue

Episode #1 Handle Your High with Tadayoshi! In my first episode I talk with my identical twin brother, Dr. Asao Inoue who is a tenure professor at the University of Washingtion in rhetoric and composition focusing on writing assessment and ethnic identity and race. We talk about:

HYH episode 1

  • Intro to HYH with Tadayoshi
  • Truth, what is it?
  • Social media and distribution of good and bad ideas
  • Racism and who is Dr Asao Inoue
  • Argumentation and Aikido (Barry Kroll “The Open hand; arguing as an art of peace”)
  • What is funny and how to talk about it
  • Winning and losing in discussion
  • The dialogue we have in society
  • Guns and the right to bare arms
  • Tesla and self driving
  • Social ranking and social behavior (mind control)
  • Asao's diet, stage 1: time-restricted eating

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